. Keeping Your Customers Loyal

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Keeping Your Customers Loyal

Posted by Tony Bentall

Posted on 1st September 2015


Are your customers loyal?

Every business wants loyal customers, but how do you foster better relationships so your customers keep coming back? While competitions create engagement and are a great opportunity for a new customer to experience your brand for the first time, they don’t equal brand loyalty.  Any business owner can tell you that customer loyalty is crucial for success. Loyal customers become brand advocates and spread the word about your business, bringing you new customers and leads. They’re also cost effective, as keeping a loyal customer costs far less than finding a new one.

So customer loyalty is great news, but how do you attract it?
Over our time in digital media we have found that online loyalty is similar fashion to traditional ‘brick and mortar’ customer loyalty. Through traditional retail avenues it is easy enough to have a satisfied customer. A face to face sales plan can be administered to give them a pleasant experience and they’ll leave happy. But it’s another thing to convert satisfied customers to loyal customers online.


There are hundreds of ways brands can give back to their customers, starting with the basics — great customer service and great products. From a loyalty building perspective, giving requires rewarding continued patronage and engagement. This can be the simplest of gestures — such as offering a free coffee for every five customers who buy — or highly creative and experiential opportunities — such as running onto the field with a favorite team at the next game. Since loyal customers spend an average of 23 percent more than those who are less actively engaged, brands that take loyalty seriously are evolving their existing efforts to include increasingly unique and extraordinary rewards to drive revenue.
Here are four examples of that implement unprecedented methods to engage customers and drive loyalty.

  • EXCLUSIVITY REIGNS SUPREME – Special customers deserve special treatment. As a result, many small, medium and large are doing the legwork to find unique rewards they can offer on a limited-edition basis. This approach demonstrates that companies not only understands what customers really want, but that it is also willing to go above and beyond to show how much it cares to give them something unique. Give a great experience While we all want a bargain, generally our best experiences as a consumer come from businesses that provide great service. Give customers a good experience every time they interact with you, follow up after every transaction and take care of them. Sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference.
  • SURPRISE AND DELIGHT – Another increasingly popular approach for loyalty incentives is to give random and unexpected rewards to loyalty program members on top of the pre-existing rewards they are continuously working toward. These random giveaways can be as simple as coupons or extra loyalty points, or they can be full-blown experiential rewards.
  • DISCOUNTS – Discounts are a great way to thank customers for their support and will make them feel appreciated. Pass on a discount to customers who have referred a customer to you, shopped with you a particular number of times or have made a significant purchase with you.
  • VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE – There’s nothing like the gift of choice. While consumers are apt to enjoy most freebies, having the ability to handpick their own reward is the ultimate in loyalty. Giving members control over their rewards is a powerful strategy that can go far to maintain customer loyalty.

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