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Facebook Rolls Out ‘Business Manager’ Tool for Marketers

Posted by adb_print

Posted on 19th June 2015

Facebook on Monday officially launched Business Manager, a tool that lets marketers and agencies manage multiple campaigns via one interface. The tool, which Facebook has been rolling out over the last month, lets you assign roles to people working on various campaigns. Facebook also promises that Business Manager will let agencies and clients securely share campaign materials. Business Manager also lets marketers add and delete ad accounts connected to a company and revoke permissions to people using the accounts. The tool also promises to provide workflows that make it easier to separate personal and business experiences on Facebook. People can use their Facebook Login to access ad accounts and Pages without having to be friends with other people to gain access. Given that such abilities had only previously been available to Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers, TechCrunch had suggested the move might be a power grab by Facebook. By offering the then-rumored Business Manager, the article posited, Facebook could cut out those Preferred Marketing Developers. A Facebook rep said that’s not the company’s intent: “Business Manager will not compete with Preferred Marketing Developers,” said the rep, adding that PMDs will have API access so they can build on top of it. Facebook provided the following screen caps to illustrate how Business Manager works: This interface features B. Holt and Partners, a fictional ad agency that has access to several accounts at once. Huge thanks to Todd Wasserman, you can find the original article here

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