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Why don’t my flyers work?

Posted by adb_print

Posted on 6th June 2016

Part 1 – Call To Action

10 years in the print and leaflet distribution industry has taught me quite a lot about opinions and making decisions purely based on emotions.

Emotions and expectations will only really ever get us so far……. then “we” need to get real.

I say “we” as in business owners (SME’s)

I wish I had 5 bucks for every time a fellow SME told me over the years that flyers don’t work.

Yeah, right!

So Bunnings, Coles, Harvey Norman, Toyworld, Domayne, Pizza Hut, Ray White Real Estate really have no idea about marketing then?

These guys, and thousands of other successful businesses, drop catalogues and leaflets in our letterboxes on a regular basis and seem to be doing okay?

Yes, I agree that they are not solely relying on this method of lead generation and branding but it sure does play a regular part.

One of the issues I continually address with small and medium business owners is actually working out what they want from their flyers and marketing in general.

Lead generation versus branding.

As cash flow is usually tight, quite often the business owner will provide the artwork for their flyer run.
Here is the typical layout for one of these pieces –




NOW THE OFFER……. 10% OFF (because that will blow everyone away!)



This layout of artwork is more of a brand awareness campaign.

Drop this regularly to the SAME houses over and over again and you will see some results as your brand becomes more “top of mind” Unfortunately, this method of marketing takes time. Time SME’s simply don’t have.

So….. let’s generate some leads. Now.

A good lead generating campaign will evoke a response from the reader then and there. It will take precedence in their mind over what they are cooking for dinner, thinking about their favourite TV show on that night and even distract from the kids fighting over the iPad.

A graphic designer can be a great investment in helping with the campaign as they can usually draw on years’ worth of experience and idea’s.

Remember these words…… CALL TO ACTION (CTA).
Without this, you are branding. Branding takes time, time you’ve not got.

Yes, geographic is important.
Knowing where your perfect client lives will help in deciding where to target your pamphlet campaign.

Yes, demographic is important.
Knowing who your perfect client is will help with design layout, colour palette and images to use and also what call to action to implement.

10% off is not a suitable call to action.
25% and even 50% off are often used so don’t expect too much.
Anything over 50% will at least catch some more attention but a little creativity can pay dividends.

A good way to get the call to action juices flowing is simply think about how much you would be willing to pay for a customer.

Yes, focus on buying before selling anything.

If you own a coffee shop and know that the average sale price across a particular weekday is $13.50 (coffee and breakfast / lunch roll) you may think about offering a FREE coffee on redemption of the flyer.
The coffee giveaway is costing you only cents but generating extra sales of $13.50 and hopefully some repeat customers too.

The free coffee may be a small size that you could upsize to a large for a dollar, but just be mindful of the upsell when those customers are redeeming.
It is such an easy thing to do and McDonalds makes millions in extra profit simply by asking if we would like fries with our order.

Understanding and acknowledging the buyers “pain” is another great call to action creation.
By providing a solution in your CTA you will attract your ideal customers.

A real estate agent that offers free removal service for anyone that lists and sells in the next 3 months could possibly be enough incentive for a vendor to list with them.
Retail price for removalists may be $1000 – $1500 but if the real estate approached them and bought a bulk package they could probably negotiate a better deal?

Your flyer campaign WILL work if you get the geographic and the call to action correct.

Let’s define the term “work” shall we?
Will you be able to retire from a one off 10,000 flyer drop? No.

Be real in your expectations.

Oh, and forget the 1% or 2% return that family and friends will tell you to expect from your flyer campaign.
I’m not sure where these numbers come from but just forget them.

Marketing and advertising is about investing.
A positive return to that investment is a good thing no matter how small the gain.

If it doesn’t “cost” you anything, why stop it?

Work out your true value of a customer so you can realistic about your campaign goals.

A lawn mowing business that converts a lead from a flyer hasn’t just picked up a $40 customer but a customer that may just spend $40 every month or more.

How many new clients would suffice a $600 flyer print and distribution run?

Stay tuned for part 2 – Tracking
……. I am always happy to chat to business owners regarding all things marketing.
Please email me anytime – tony@adbprint.com or call our office
07 5502 3190
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