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Why don’t my flyers work? – Part 2

Posted by adb_print

Posted on 4th October 2016

Part 2 – Tracking.


Ready to launch!

Okay, so you have created some awesome artwork for your leaflet distribution marketing campaign including an absolute killer “call to action”.

Research is completed on the best demographic to target and you have concluded the best suburbs to deliver.

You have found a reputable leaflet distribution company to trust with your flyer drop after spending hours researching on Google, visiting websites and reading through reviews and testimonials. Finally, you are actually speaking with the distribution companies directly.

Flyers are booked in and are ready to go.

Or are you?………


After speaking with literally hundreds of business owners regarding their expectations from their leaflet delivery campaigns there is usually a pretty common thought process, this is to drop the flyers, make the phone ring and then convert some of the phone enquiries into jobs. Simple right?

Unfortunately, no.

I wish this was the case but 10 years in the printing and leaflet distribution industry on the Gold Coast has taught me that it is not as simple as that…….

Bloody computers! And mobile phones too!!


We are researchers.

We live in a world full of technology and gizmos.

It has never been easier for us to click, tap, swipe and research all types of things online.
From a newly developed rash on our children’s arm to finding a reliable tradesman to come and install a couple of new ceiling fans in the home, it is so easy to conduct our own research online and so we do exactly that.

Long gone are the days where the readers of flyers will just see your advertisement and then call you. It is also common for leaflets to be read after hours in the comfort of our homes.
Yes, a direct phone call can sometimes happen and that obviously is a pretty good result however, in this day and age the majority of your prospects will do some sort of research online. 



I believe the only expectation we should have from our marketing is lead generation.

Nothing more.

Do I rely on my flyers I drop to sell my products? No.
Do I rely on my Facebook posts to sell my services? No.

My expectation of my marketing is to generate a lead, an enquiry of some sort.
This can come via a phone call, an email, a text message, a message on Facebook or a reply on a post and even an instore visit.

I have a far better chance of converting the enquiry into a sale if I have the opportunity to engage.
With this intent and understanding of expectation, I focus on the path and know the result I am after.

These enquiries mentioned are direct but what about indirect enquiries?
Perhaps a website visit or a Facebook page visit, are these a complete waste?
Are these of no value at all to my business?
Far from it, but if I am not aware it is happening, how can I attribute any value to my marketing?

The plan is written, all I need to do from here is implement the campaign and watch what happens.
I like to watch…….


Watching = Tracking.
Stop guessing.

How many phone calls did you receive last month?
Personally, I struggle to remember how many phone calls I received yesterday let alone over a whole month.

I have written before that business is about numbers.
Marketing is quite simply about numbers.
Investing and hopefully seeing a positive return on that investment. Numbers.
Everything is about the numbers.
Time and time again we as business owners are making decisions based on emotions instead of the ever important numbers.

Let’s say I deliver a leaflet distribution campaign on the Gold Coast and my total investment is $800.
I have delivered 10,000 flyers over a 1-week period and all are delivered by the 10th.
The campaign is offering one of our print packages and the average sale value would be $250.

Over the next week or so we receive a few phone enquiries and are pretty sure we have sold 2 packages directly from phone enquiries that have mentioned they saw our flyer.

Is that it?
Is that all that flyer drop has returned?

Far from it.

Here lies the biggest issue I see in business every day. Tracking, or lack of it.

Below are some of the tools we can all use each and every day, week or month to keep check and monitor what is actually happening.
Actual live non manipulated figures which can allow us to make proper informed decisions rather than relying on or making these important choices on an emotional level.



It never ceases to amaze me how often I will hear a business owner answer the phone, have a conversation with a new enquirer and not even ask where the caller acquired their number?
This to me is absolutely crazy……


Call Tracking

Trying to remember every phone call each month is simply not an option.
By using a call tracking number, we can alleviate all of the guess work by checking the reports.
Many call tracking packages will even record the call so you can listen and use it for staff training purposes.
Personally, I use a call tracking number for my print media / flyers and another for my website and Google+ page.


Click to show number

A simple button over the last 6 digits of your phone numbers on your website where the visitor will click to be shown the rest of that phone number is a great tool to see how many times that is clicked each week.


Opt in / Downloadable offer

Having a visitor on our website or landing page is great, but actually getting them to react is the ultimate goal.
A phone call is my ultimate wish however an opt in on my site where I will acquire an email address and name is the next best result. 


Google Analytics (GA)

My best friend. Why you ask?
Google analytics (GA) will not lie to you, it has no need to.
Unlike some digital marketing and SEO agencies who let’s just say, may not be 100% honest when it comes to their reporting data…….

GA will give you SO MUCH valuable information it is the absolute best FREE software available today.

GA will tell you things like the percentage of visitors that are male / female.
It will tell you the breakdown of all visitors in age groups.
It will tell you where the traffic is actually coming from. What percentage are actually typing in your business name to find you (direct traffic) or the percentage that have simply searched for a particular industry or service (organic traffic)
It will tell you how long traffic it actually staying on your website and also what pages are visited most.


Google+ page views

We achieve a Google+ page view when anyone visits our page or we are listed in the “maps” section of a Google search page.
By simply monitoring this number each month we can generally see how we are performing and watch any trends. Obviously, an increase in these views is what we are after. 


Social Media dashboards

Similar to your Google Analytics but these dashboards are focusing on that particular social media profile.
Many will allow the set-up of particular targets and goals for easy monitoring.


Geographic Tracking

I printed off a map of the Gold Coast and had coloured pins that we stuck on the relevant suburb of each and every enquiry we received over a whole year.

We had a red pin for an enquirer that told us they had found us through a flyer, a yellow pin for those that said they had Googled for a printer, a blue pin for those that mentioned Facebook and an orange pin denoted that they were a referral.

This simple process allowed us a visual key of where the patterns were in relation to where we were targeting our flyer distribution.
The Gold Coast had say approximately 120,000 deliverable homes at that time and we were focusing on only 30,000 and needless to say this region was absolutely dominated with coloured pins!

Have you ever wondered why big stores will sometimes ask you for your postcode when you are at the register?


Special offer redemption / coupon submission

An oldie but can still be a goodie.
A flyer for a coffee shop offering a free coffee could ask for the flyer to be redeemed.
Perhaps running a competition where the entrant would fill in name, phone and email to enter and the business is then able to create or add to their database? 


QR Codes

These haven’t quite taken off in Australia compared to some other countries around the world but definitely appeal to younger audiences.
If your perfect prospect is under 30 this may be an avenue to trial?

So, to summarise…….
Marketing is about investing.
Understand that the return on your investment is not always plain to see.
Branding is a very powerful asset and the value can be unlimited however it is impossible to actually gauge how much we have invested.

Tracking our marketing efforts will definitely help us define whether our advertising budget is going to waste or maybe actually working a little better than we perhaps thought? 😉

……. I am always happy to chat to business owners regarding all things marketing.

Please email me anytime – tony@adbprint.com or call our office
07 5502 3190
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