. 8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Web Designer

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8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Web Designer

Posted by Tony Bentall

Posted on 17th August 2015

8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Web Designer

As a team that is well grounded in the world of digital media and web development we often experience that backlash from potential customers who have dealt with THAT web designer who has tarnished the industry. Before hiring a web design company, be sure to ask these eight important questions to determine if you’ve picked the right group for your business. Looking at your website as the key foundation for your attraction model will ensure you approach the job with extreme care to ensure you maximise your online potential from the get-go.

As with any prospective supplier you need to ensure they are trusted, have been operating for some time, can show you performance results and previous examples of website work.
If you’re thinking about utilising the services of a web company to build your business’ site, you might be finding the seemingly endless choices a little overwhelming. But identifying your needs and asking the right questions during this process can eliminate a lot of the confusion.
As with any prospective supplier you need to ensure they are trusted, have been operating for some time, can show you performance results and previous examples of website work.


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Here are eight important questions you should ask. Once you have run through this list, the solution should become clearer as to which web design company is right for your business.
1.      Can I see a range of testimonials?
Good web design companies and marketing services groups will have a portfolio of successful projects they can showcase, alongside references from satisfied clients confirming the quality of their work.
2.      What content management system (CMS) do you use and why?
A CMS is used to assist your designer during the building process, and can also provide you with the tools you need manage some content yourself once the website is finished. You need to know that you aren’t going to have to call on them every time for tiny amendments – and this all comes down to having a user-friendly CMS.
3.      Are there any ongoing maintenance fees, and what kind of support do you offer clients?
Research all the costs of keeping the site running, understand whether you will be able to call or email the company for help in the future.
4.      How scalable is my website?
If you later decide to open a second store or stock new products, you need to know the website can double in size without a major redesign.
5.      What additional functionality can be added down the track?
Initially, you might not have the budget for all the bells and whistles, but eventually you could want to add new features such as a membership area, password protected pages, contact forms synching with your mailing list or SMS alerts for when someone contacts you.
6.      How much planning goes into the web design?
The way a company plans a website build is a good indicator of quality, so ask them to talk you through their design process.
7.      What work needs to be outsourced?
Often small web design companies will outsource content writing, graphic design, UX design, SEO work or photography. This is why working with a larger marketing services company is beneficial because they will ensure overall consistency in your marketing approach and find cost efficiencies also where you may have overlap of activity.
It’s better to know who exactly will be working on and contributing to the site from the outset.
8.      How will you assist my business goals, and what are the metrics you use to track success?
It sounds obvious, but you need to find a company who will look out for your best interests. Find out if the web designer plans to analyse your current site’s metrics in order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses before making any changes.
These results-oriented strategies should be in line with your objectives, such as featured products appearing prominently on every page.

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